152 Reimagined Aircraft for Sale

152 ReImagined Cessna for Sale, refurbished, overhauled, new paint jobs and interiors by Aviat Aircraft and are made available at a base price of 129,900.


Crew: One Pilot
Capacity: One Passenger
Length: 24 ft 1 in (7.3 m)
Wingspan: 33 ft 4 in (10.2 m)
Height: 8 ft 6 in (2.6 m)
Wing Area: 160 ft2 (14.9 m2)
Empty Weight: 1,081 lb (490 kg)
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 1,670 lb (757 kg)
Powerplant: 1 Lycoming 0-235-L2C Flat-4 engine, 110 hp (82 kW) driving a 69-inch (175 cm), two-blade, fixed-pitch McCauley propeller


Maximum Speed: 126 mph (110 knots, 204 km/h)
Cruise Speed: 123 mph (107 knots, 198 km/h)
Stall Speed: 49 mph (43 knots, 79 km/h) unpowered, flaps down Takeoff Roll: 725 ft (221 m)
Range: 477 mi (414 nm, 768 km)
Extended Range: 795 mi (690 nm, 1,280 km) with long-range tanks
Service Ceiling: 14,700 ft (4,480 m)
Rate of Climb: 715 ft/min (3.6 m/s)
Maximum Wing Loading: 10.44 lb/ft2 (51 kg/m2)
Minimum Power/Mass: .066 hp/lb (108 W/kg)

The Numbers

We are working to make Reimagined Aircraft as affordable as possible. With the 150Reimagined base price as low as $119,900 and the 152Reimagined base price as low as $129,900, up-front and hourly costs are kept to a minimum. Here is a Sample Breakdown* of what it might cost a flying club to own and operate a 152Reimagined flying a total of 700 hours per year.

Direct and Indirect Expenses Unit Cost Hourly Cost
Fuel per Hour $5.80/gallon 30.74
Oil Change $90 $1.16
Additional Oil 46/quart $0.06
Overhaul Reserves $12,000 $5.00
100-hour Inspection $500 $4.29
Maintenance Reserves $1671/year $3.75
Annual Inspection $1000/year $1.43
Insurance $2,839/year $4.06
Database Updates $300/year $0.43
Tiedown Rental $75/month $1.29
Loan Payment $682/month $11.69

*Assumes up to 8 pilots per airplane, flying a total of 700 hours per year. Financing is a 12-year loan term at 6% interest with a 30% down payment and purchase by a flying club more than three years old which would not require a personal guarantee.

AOPA has already been working with banks and insurance underwriters to confirm that the Reimagined Aircraft can be easily financed and insured.

Aviat Restoration Process

Cessna 150 J,K,L,M models (1969-1977) with 0-200A engines
Cessna 152 all models (1977-1982) with 0-235 engines

Pre-Purchase Inspection and Evaluation
Engine, Prop, and Firewall Forward
• Remove all components firewall forward
• Overhauled engine – Only flight test and delivery time since overhauled
• Replace all wiring
• Rebuild nose strut
• New battery
• New voltage regulator
• New Light weight starter
• Rebuild carburetor
• New throttle cable
• New carb heat cables
• New fire sleeve on fuel and oil lines
• New engine baffles
• Cowl seal as required and new fasteners
• New engine mounts
• New alternator
• New magnetos
• New vacuum pump
• New exhaust manifolds, muffler, heat shroud
• New cooling seals
• Propeller new or zero time since overhaul

Disassemble aircraft: remove wings, control surfaces, wheel pants, wing tips, horizontal stabilizer, stabilizer tip, trim tab, flaps, hinges, lights, cockpit plexiglass, doors, seals and weather stripping, fairings, instruments, instrument panel, firewall insulation, all wiring, seats, carpets, and interior panels.

Conduct a complete and detailed inspection to airworthiness standards of assemblies and components.

All assemblies, parts, and components are brought to meet or exceed industry standards and quality specifications by the following means. New manufactured parts and components, re-manufacture, overhaul or rebuild.

• Strip old paint
• Complete primer and new paint
• Interior headliner
• Interior panels
• D door seals
• Restore or replace control yoke, bushings, and bearings
• Rebuild cabin vent system
• Seat hardware
• Carpet
• All plexiglas windows inspected, replaced or reconditioned
• Upholstery
• All new or reconditioned exterior plastic, fairings, etc.
• Stainless steel hardware where allowed on exterior
• New seat belts and shoulder harnesses
• Remove all control cables inspect and replace with new as required
• Replace all control cable bushings, bearings, seals with new
• Inspect, clean and polish pitot and fuel vent
• Replace all non-metal fuel lines with new
• Fuel caps, seals, and retainer as required

Avionics, Electric, Instrument, and Panel
• Inspect all instruments: refurbish, overhaul, or replace with new
• New fluid compass
• New Hobbs hour meter
• New circuit breakers
• New wire harnesses
• New metal upper instrument panel, lower panel painted
• New placards
• Transponder – Garmin GTX 327
• Communication – Garmin GTR 225
• Navigation – Garmin aera 550
• Audio panel / Intercom – PS Engineering PM3000
• Anti-collision lighting

Standard Parts

Oil Cooler Mag Kit W/Spark Plugs, ELT, Nose Gear Rebuild Kit, J-7402-1 Mounts, G242 Battery, Throttle Cable, 152 Mixture Cable, Shoulder Harness Reweb, Lap Belt Reweb, LP Windshield, Voltage Regulator, Interior Placard Kit, Exterior Placard Kit, Steering Link, Landing Light, Turnbuckle, Screw, Turnlock Stud, Shock Mount J6984-8, Nut Ms20364-624C, Alternator Belt, S1093-1 Flap Button, Ge 308 Bulb, Davtron 475Va-28V, Lycoming Camshaft, Lifter, Crankshaft, Crankshaft Gear, Lock Plate, Crank Bolt, Resistor, Master Llink Replaces C4189, Resistor Knob, Defrost Nozzle, Seal Replaces (S2287-1), Seal Replaces (S2195-4), Seal Replaces (S2108-1), Door Latch Cover, Bushing, Turnlock Stud, Prop Bolt, Oil Pump Drive Shaft, Fuel Cap Gasket, Crankshaft Bearing, Connecting Rod Bearing, Piston Pin Plug, Engine Overhaul Kit, Horiz Stab Bearing, Horiz Stab Bushing, Control Cable, Park Brake Cable, Airtex Cessna 152 Seats,, Airtex Cessna 152 Carpet, Airtex Cessna Firewall Insulation, Airtex Seat Slings, Prekote Gallon, Rage Gold Filler, Paint Mixed In House, Silver Mica Quart, Catalyst, Primer, Primer Reducer, White Paint, Etch Primer, Etch Primer Hardener, Lighter Well, Fuel, Aeroshell Oil, In House Wiring/Breakers, 152 Tach Cable Built In House, 152 Instrument Panel #1, 152 Instrument Panel #2, MS20822-6D Elbow, MS20823-6D/AN823-6D Elbow, AN912-2D Bushing, AN833-3D Fitting, AN924-10D Nut, AN960-1416L Washer, Rapco Vacuum Pump, Paint Stripper, Half Time Scratch Filler, SS Exterior Hardware, Tachometer, Overhaul Crank Case, Fuel Drain Valve S2106-2, Nose Wheel Tire, Nose Gear Tube, Main Gear Tire, Main Gear Tube, Overhaul Carburetor, Hobbs Hour Meter, Door Window LH Or RH, Rear Windshield, Fuel Drain Cable, Carb Heat Cable, Carb Heat Box Overhaul Kit, Interior Screw, Grommet, Airspeed Overhaul/Exchange, Aviat Ball Bank Indicator, 376 Clamp, Oil Cooler Hose, Fuel Hose, Overhaul Cylinders, Lamp, Lightweight Alternator (12 Min), Prop Overhaul, LH Gear Fairing, Overhaul Rotating Assembly, N67510, Starter (12 Min), 1” Suction Gauge, Flap Roller Bearing, Flap Roller Bushing, Center Elevator Bearing, Rudder Bushing, Roller Spacer Washer, Refurbish Yoke Pad, Refurbish Arm Pad, Window Beading, Compass, Battery Contact, Starter Contact, A-30 Altitude Encoder, Garmin GTX 327, Optional Antenna Kit, Garmin GTR 225, Garmin Aera 550, Bare Wire Harness Mount, BNC to MCX Adapter, GA-56 GPS Antenna, AERA 500 AIRGIZMO, Audio Cord, PM 3000 ICS, Comm. Antenna, Wires/Breakers.

Order your Own

What would it be like to offer your flying club members a very affordable, easy-to-fly, and fun airplane? How would it feel to have one of the all-time best trainers on your flight line that looks and feels brand new? How would you like to share ownership in an airplane that lets you take off on weekend adventures or just punch holes in the sky on a beautiful summer evening?

The affordability and reliability of the 150 and 152Reimagined make it possible to offer your group an airplane that’s perfect for training, light travel, and all kinds of aviation adventures. With ownership and operating costs estimated around $64 per hour including fuel, a Reimagined Aircraft can get you and your flying friends in the air very easily.

AOPA Financing
A flying club that is more than three years old and puts 30 percent down on the aircraft can receive up to 12 years amortization, and have a payment as low as $614 a month for a 150Reimagined and $682 a month for a 152Reimagined. A guaranty is required for clubs that have not been established for more than three years, but with 30 percent down and a 15-year amortization, the monthly payments come out to $550 a month for a 150Reimagined and $632 for a 152Reimagined.

Partnerships have the option of 10 or 15-year amortization, can put down as little as 25 percent, and have payments ranging from $550 to $760 a month for the 150Reimagined, or $632 to $846 for the 152Reimagined. Individual ownership options are the same as those for partnerships. Contact AOPA Aviation Finance Co. by calling 1-800- 62-PLANE (75263) or visit finance.aopa.org.

AOPA Insurance
AOPA Insurance Services is able to offer $1 million liability/$100,000 per passenger, hull coverage for $129,900, medical pay of $5,000 per person to flying clubs and partnerships. Students are included in the flying clubs and partnerships insurance. The estimated annual premium for flying clubs would range from $1,400 to $4,100, and range from $1,000 to $1,500 for partnerships, depending on the number of people in the partnership. AOPA Insurance Services is also able to offer an annual premium to flight schools for $6,000 to $7,000, which is the same as schools currently pay. Contact AOPA Insurance Services by calling 1-800-622-AOPA or visit insurance.aopa.org.

AOPA will not sell or profit from the refurbishment of Reimagined Aircraft.

This is an exclusive limited time offer that can only be made available through the unique relationships of AOPA.

This is your chance, call Bill today for more information or to order your own 150 or 152 Reimagined.

Stu Horn
Office 307-885-3151 Cell (914) 525-5891


Aviat Aircraft, lnc.’s Obligations
Aircraft Models C-150, C-152

Aviat Aircraft, Inc. (“Aviat”) warrants the aircraft (and all parts thereof manufactured by Aviat) to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the first two hundred (200) tachometer hours or for a period of one (1) year from the date the aircraft is delivered to the original retail purchaser (“Purchaser”), whichever occurs first. As to products or component parts of the aircraft manufactured or supplied by others, Aviat extends to Purchaser the applicable product warranty, if any, extended by such manufacturer or supplier to customers of Aviat.

The provisions of the warranty set forth in the preceding paragraph will not apply if the aircraft (or any part thereof) is altered in any way or subject to: misuse; negligence; improper installation; accident; repairs not authorized by Aviat; normal maintenance services; replacement of service items; normal deterioration of soft trim or appearance items due to corrosion 1 wear and exposure; any consumable items or is used for a purpose for which it is not designed, in the sole judgment of Aviat.
Aviat’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to its choice of repair or replacement, on an exchange basis, of the aircraft or any part thereof when Aviat has determined that the aircraft or any part thereof is defective in material or workmanship. Aviat will make such repair or replacement at no charge to Purchaser.

Aviat will have no obligation to Purchaser under this warranty unless and until Purchaser has returned the aircraft or part alleged to be defective to Aviat or an Aviat authorized service center within the time limits specified below, transportation and handling charges prepaid, and provided to Aviat with a written statement describing the alleged defect. Upon Purchaser’s return of the aircraft or part alleged to be defective, Aviat will inspect the same and advise Purchaser whether or not Aviat agrees that the aircraft or part is defective, If Aviat agrees, Aviat will repair the aircraft or defective part, deliver a replacement part(s), or issue a credit to Purchaser. Aviat’s entire obligation under such warranty will be fully discharged by such repair, replacement or issuance. If Aviat does not agree that the aircraft or part is defective or otherwise determines that the aircraft or part alleged to be defective is not covered by this warranty, then Aviat will return the aircraft or part to Purchaser as is, transportation and handling charges collect. Any aircraft or part so repaired or replaced by Aviat under this warranty will be entitled to the warranty for the remainder of the original warranty period.

Spare parts that are manufactured and sold by Aviat and are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA’’) are warranted for six (6) months after installation/shipment to customer.

Aviat reserves the right to deny any warranty claim if it is reasonably determined that the aircraft or any part thereof has been used, adjusted, altered, handled, maintained or stored other than as directed in the pilot operating handbook or other Aviat maintenance or operating procedures, or if non-genuine Aviat parts are installed in or on the aircraft.

The obligations on the part of Aviat set forth above is Purchaser’s exclusive remedy and the exclusive liability of Aviat.

This is an exclusive limited time offer.

This is your chance, call for details.

Let’s Get Started!